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oh my g/d modern au where Frypan is like the chill one in their group and whenever one of his friends is having a bad day he bakes them cupcakes and goes over to their house and let’s them pour their heart out to him while enjoying his baked delights to lift their spirits


Here’s a list of all trailers, clips, featurettes, TV spots and other things about The Maze Runner that have come out so far. Make sure to follow and stay tuned to themazerunnermovie for more updates and stills!

NOTE: There are also a few vines that show parts of other scenes in the movie, which you can find in themazerunnermovie.com


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27 Points by The Blue Devils Color Guard from Concord, CA


exactly how big is the Maze Runner fandom? #reblog dis because im curious

flops arms pathetically on the ground about family man alby!!!

The Maze Runner cast at the 20th Century Fox press even in LA

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Aml Ameen shares what he has in common with his character, Alby.

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basically he is a nerd. love him



Cosas Que Dicen Los Argentinos Hecho Por Un Yanqui